What Causes Hair Fall In Men & Women?

What Causes Hair Fall In Men & Women?


By Dr. Shubhangi Mestry, Dermatology

Hair loss or alopecia refers to the loss of hairs from the head region as well as from any part of the body. Hair loss can be caused due to the genetic changes, the hormonal imbalance, other diseases in which hair loss occurs as a symptom or any side effects of medicines. Hair loss can occur to any individual, but it has been evident that the more cases of hair loss have been observed in males.

When the loss of hair occurs from the scalp, the baldness is observed. The loss of hair usually happens when hair becomes thinner on the head region. It is also observed when spots are visible in the scalp region, hair gets loose and a person experiences hair loss from the whole body.

Some of the important causes of hair loss in men and women are as follows:

1. The effect of genes - One of the most obvious causes of hair loss in both men and women are due to genetics. This phenomenon is referred to as male pattern baldness in cases of males and female pattern baldness. It starts increasing occurring with age and can be predicted by observing regression in the hairline and thinning of hairs in cases of females.

2. Variations in hormonal balance - There are various conditions by virtue of which hair loss can occur on a temporary or permanent basis such as changes in hormonal balance during conception, the birth of the child, at the time of menopause in old age women and thyroid-related issues.

3. Side effects of consumption of medications and other health supplements - Those individuals who are consuming medications for chronic illness since a long period of time usually face the hair loss problem such as patients who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy or who are suffering from arthritis, cardiovascular disease and blood pressure-related complications.

4. Stress - Psychological stress has also been considered as one of the prominent causes of hair loss in both men and women and this can occur as a result of any physical injury-related trauma such as recovering from a severe accident or an emotional disturbance.

5. Hair treatment using harmful chemicals - Excessive styling of hairs can also lead to loss of hairs. Using excess hot oils and hair treatment that leads to inflammation of hairs may cause deterioration of hair quality.

These are some of the listed causes of hair loss in both men and women. One should always be cautious while dealing with hair. So, before taking up any kind of treatment, always consult a medical health practitioner for best advise.