Nervous Breakdown – What Should You Know?

Nervous Breakdown – What Should You Know?


By Dr. Vikas Sharma, Neurology

It is common to be affected by anxiety or stress on a regular basis, but it can be managed easily. Nervous breakdown occurs when stress and anxiety accumulate to such a large extent that it has a huge wrecking impact on your life. It is a type of anxiety disorder that is characterized by an absolute inability to handle stress, subsequently leading to mental illness.

It is usually caused by a traumatic incident such as death of a loved one or accumulation of stress over a long period of time. Various factors such as joblessness, relationship troubles or financial problems may lead to a nervous breakdown as well.

Certain signs and symptoms can be:

1) Inability to Focus:

You will be unable to focus at work and will be distracted easily.

2) Social Isolation:

You may isolate yourself from the society by keeping all by yourself, minimizing contact with other people and withdrawing from other social activities.

3) Mood Swings:

You may experience constant depression and emotional outbursts.]

4) Self-harm:

Tendencies to harm your -self may be common, such as suicidal tendencies.

Other Physical Symptoms-

In addition to the above symptoms, physical symptoms such as insomnia, falling ill frequently, headaches and muscle pain may also occur. You may also have stomach problems such as indigestion or irregular bowel movements.


1. Treatments for nervous breakdown involve counselling and incorporating certain lifestyle changes.

2. Focus on eating a balanced diet to nourish your body.

3. Exercise on a regular basis to keep your weight at optimal levels; it also causes the body to release dopamine (feel-good hormone) that results in feelings of happiness.

4. Another effective remedy is to practice relaxation techniques such as meditation to be more mindful and reduce stress levels.