Can You Prevent Hair Loss From Chemotherapy?

Can You Prevent Hair Loss From Chemotherapy?


By Dr. Sumit Sharma, Dermatology

Chemotherapy is one of the most powerful treatments for cancer, which yields positive results but has several side effects as well. One of the major and most common side effects is hair loss that is observed in huge number of people. This problem can be solved by approaching Onco-Dermatology that specialises in treating hair loss and cancer problems.

Common Issues after Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy as well as other cancer treatments develop a lot of side effects. These problems are not only faced in older treatments, but even in the modern treatments as well. The common issues that arise as a result of Chemotherapy are skin reactions, rashes, nail infections and hair loss problems. The most common one among them is hair loss problem which turns out to be a very adverse situation. Apart from the basic Chemotherapy, there are certain types of advanced chemotherapeutic treatments which will result in alteration of quality, colour as well as the texture of the hair. The issue of hair loss does not mean only on the scalp, but even on the eyebrows or eyelashes.

What does an Onco-Dermatologist do and when should be consulted?

Onco-Dermatologist will treat hair loss problems along with skin and nail infections. These problems are not seen immediately after Chemotherapy, but they are developed gradually over some weeks. However, it cannot be confirmed that how fast they can be observed, but it totally depends upon the Chemotherapy treatment.

Onco-Dermatologist should be consulted only if the standard treatments do not work. The changes caused due to Chemotherapy on skin, nails or hair will be too worst in some situations. It is the best time to visit Onco-Dermatologist and discuss the issue to solve as well as get better results.

How to get rid of issues caused due to Chemotherapy treatment?

In order to identify the issues such as hair loss which is a result of Chemotherapy treatment, counselling sections are provided to the patients so as to avoid the worst situations. Patients are provided with safeties such as cooling therapies for scalp to reduce the severity of the problem. This localised scalp cooling technique is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life.

In order to solve this issue, patients suffering from this problem are provided with some vitamin supplements that will help them. It will strengthen the hair as well as re-grow the fresh ones . One of the products named as minoxidil will improve the re-growth of hair for the loss caused due to the Chemotherapy treatment.

In order to solve the issue of hair loss after Chemotherapy treatment, Onco-Dermatologist plays a crucial role in helping the patients to solve the problem.