Debunking myths of birth control

Debunking myths of birth control

Kaberi Banerjee

By Dr Kaberi BanerjeeGynaecology

Birth control is a device to avoid pregnancy. Many couples go for birth control options if they want to do family planning or are not prepared to take up the responsibility of a child.

Some of the Birth Control Methods are-

  1. Condoms
  2. Birth Control Pills
  3. Rhythm Method
  4. IUDs
  5. Tubal Ligation
  6. Vasectomy

Birth Control Myths – Debunked!

Some people develop a wrong notion that there are certain drawbacks of using birth control. Following are certain myths of birth control, debunked!

  1. Myth 1- You have to take pills at the same time everyday

This is a common myth that pills will be effective only if you take them at the same time every day. This is true only for the mini pills (pills containing lower levels of progestin) and not for all.

  1. Myth 2- You will gain weight because of pills

Many women avoid birth control methods because they fear gaining weight. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly, you can maintain your weight even if you are using birth control pills.

  1. Myth 3- Your fertility gets affected because of pills

It’s a complete rumour that your fertility gets affected if you are on pills. Fact is that you should surely conceive, even if it is a bit delayed.

  1. Myth 4- You don’t need to be on birth control if you are breast feeding

Breastfeeding is not the safest way to ensure that you will not get pregnant. While breastfeeding does postpone ovulation, it can still happen. Therefore, believing that you don’t need to be on birth control pills if you are breastfeeding is not justified.

  1. Myth 5- You need orgasm in order to conceive

It is true that orgasms do help the chances of conceiving. However, it is not imperative for you to reach an orgasm to conceive.

Overcome all the myths of using birth control. Use it in order to avoid unwanted pregnancy and have a healthy sexual life.