Importance of Sex Counselling Before Marriage

Importance of Sex Counselling Before Marriage

Importance of Sex Counselling Before Marriage

By Dr Imran KhanSexology

Such type of counselling is not what most people think it is. Some people are worried about how much time it will take, while others are worried about what may be revealed about their past. Additionally, many people also fear that they may not be up to date on the latest sexual techniques and counseling will reveal this to an outsider as well as their partner.

However, sex counselling is crucial for the following reasons-

1. It allows you to talk about sex.

People may not understand this at first, but talking to a sex therapist allows you to talk about things which you may not have the courage to bring up on your own.

2. It allows you to have a discussion.

Very often, emotions get the best of people when having sex and this does not allow pertinent discussions about the problem. A sex counselor is there to make sure that these discussions are enforced.

3. Sex counselling can be a lot quicker than you think.

People think that sex counsellors will bring up a lot of trauma from childhood and connect a lot of points which may not be necessarily interlinked. Contrary to popular belief, sex therapy can be completed extremely quickly, especially if it is just a sexually oriented problem. 2 sessions or less are sometimes all that is needed to finish sex counselling.

4. Secrets will not be revealed.

Sex therapists will not only maintain confidentiality between you, your partner and the outside world, they may also maintain confidentiality from your partner, if you wish it to be so.

These are just some of the advantages of sex counselling and that is why sex counselling is so crucial to the success of your marriage.