Ways to Cure Pain in the Knuckles

Ways to Cure Pain in the Knuckles

Ways to Cure Pain in the Knuckles

By Dr G.P. DurejaPain Management

Knuckle pain can arise notably from conditions affecting the skin, blood vessels, bones or tendons in the knuckle, but arthritis usually creates the most of these problems.

Some ways to cure pain in the knuckles are:

Treating knuckle pains can be divided into two categories-

  • Home Remedies
  • Exercises

Home Remedies-

The Home Remedies for knuckle pain are as follows:

1. You can try soaking your hand in saltwater for some time, about 10-20 minutes. This alleviates the pain in the joints quite a bit.

2. Avoid cracking or hurting your finger joints or you’ll damage the fragile cartilage.

3. You can use the traditional remedy of hot and cold compress on the joints of the fingers.

4. Avoid consuming eggs and processed red meat as they have been known to escalate the pain, especially in case of gouts and arthritis.

5. There are some homeopathic drugs like Rhus Tox, Bryonia Alba and Causticum that can give relief from the stiffness and pain in the knuckles.

Exercises To Relieve Pain in Knuckles-

The Exercises that you practice for knuckle pain are:

1. Try to make a fist.

Lift your hand and slowly try bending it into a fist, gently. Do not apply too much pressure. Repeat this for at least 10 times. Then repeat the process with the other hand.

2. Attempt finger bends.

Try to bend you thumb down for some time, then raise it up. Repeat the same with the other fingers, each for four seconds. Repeat the entire exercise on the other hand.

3. Try finger lifts.

Place your hand on the table with palms down. Then try lifting your thumb and holding it for two seconds. Relax and repeat the same with all the fingers, then the same on the other hand.