Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Diet Plan for Weight Gain


By Dr. Lokendra Tomar , Dietitian/Nutritionist

Although the majority of the world now wants to lose weight owing to the obesity epidemic, there are a lot of people who would want to put on weight. Being lean has got nothing to do with being fit as a skinny person can be unfit as well. However, trying to gain weight via unhealthy means will also backfire. You cannot afford to devour high-calorie junk food for the sake of gaining weight as it might take a serious toll on your physical well-being.

Eating Healthy to Gain Weight-

If you want to gain weight it is better to increase muscle mass although you may need some increase in body fat percentage too. However, it is best that you consult your dietician before embarking on a diet plan. Here is a basic diet plan you can adhere to, in order to reach your goal -

  1. Bid-adieu to Low calories – Swap anything you take in that has a “fat-free”, ”diet” ,”light” or “low-calorie” tag on them with something of a really high calorie. Be certain to consume 200-calories of cereals each day. Fatty fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Also desserts like oatmeal, frozen yogurt, cookies have a lot of nutrients in them. However, steer clear of junk and oily food as they would do more harm by clogging arteries.
  2. Number of Meals – Make sure to have meals at least thrice a day along with snacks in between, but ensure they are spread out for a steady flow of calories.
  3. The Type of Calories – Dense morsels like nuts, nut butters, dried fruit, fresh fruits, starchy vegetables, healthy fats and oils, flax meal and wheat germ are good ingredients to include in your meals to have a calorie surplus that is healthy.
  4. Drinking your Calories – In case you don’t have an appetite to consume 100 to 200 calories of snacks daily, you can certainly drink your calories instead in the form of fruit-juices, smoothies, vanilla yogurt or whole milk blended with nut-butters, olive oil or banana.
  5. Putting in Time – When you actually want to gain some weight, you have to be patient just as is the case when you are trying to lose weight. You cannot simply hope to get results overnight. It requires consistency, effort and patience.