Ayurveda For Type-2 Diabetes!

Ayurveda For Type-2 Diabetes!


By Dr Ashwini Vivek Mulye , Ayurveda

Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly known as diabetes, is a collection of metabolic diseases, characterized by high glucose levels over a drawn out period. Side effects of high sugar include regular urination, excessive thirst and increased hunger. If left untreated, diabetes can cause a number of serious health complications.

Ayurveda can be used efficiently in treating this condition. Diabetes is known to the common man as “Prameha”, which is said to be divided into 3 major types – Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Lack of exercise and excessive intake of food of “ushna” and “guru” types are said to be the chief causes of “prameha”.

Along with drugs and medications, Ayurveda stresses on the importance of a balanced diet and exercise.

The management modules that can be categorized are:

  1. Vyaayam (Exercise)
  2. Pathya (Regulation in diet)
  3. Panchakarma (Procedures for Bio-purification)
  4. The use of therapy (Medications)

Management of diabetes can be done using a variety of herbs. Some of them are:

  1. Vijaysar
  2. Ficus benghalensis (Nyagrodha twaka churna – banyan tree bark)
  3. Eugenia jambolana (Jamun beej churna)
  4. Shilajeet (Rock Salt)
  5. Kirat tikata (Chirayata)
  6. Embelica officinalis (Amla)
  7. Karella (Bitter Gourd)

In case certain patients are incapable of responding to insulin or hypoglycaemia medicine, an ayurvedic physician may prescribe some ayurvedic drugs such as:

  1. Dhatri Nisha
  2. Madhuvijay Capsules
  3. Chandraprabha vati
  4. Madhuvijay Capsule
  5. Vasant kusumakar rasa

Diabetes Lifestyle-

  • Avoid sleeping during daytime
  • Avoid smoking
  • Take adequate eye care
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Take extra care of your foot