Tired of Hair Loss? Know About Treatment Options

Tired of Hair Loss? Know About Treatment Options


By Dr. Raju P.L.N, Aesthetic Medicine

If you are one among the young population to have been affected by hair loss, then it is time to take a serious note of the issue. Today, hair loss is not an age-related disease as one can find a lot of young men and women suffering from receding hairline and even partial baldness.  The causes of hair loss in men and women significantly differ and hence, hair loss solutions are also not the same for two patients.

Hair loss solutions are many and one should choose a treatment depending on what kind of hair loss are they suffering from. One popular hair loss treatment opted by many patients is the FUE, or follicular unit extraction. The procedure involves taking follicular units from dense hair areas of the scalp and applying them to the bald or thin hair scalp areas. The FUE procedure requires several sessions if the patient is suffering from premature balding or hair thinning in different areas of the scalp.

Another kind of baldness treatment is the strip excision hair replacement. The strip excision procedure is different from FUE. The strip excision treatment is where the surgeon will extract a strip from a dense hair area of scalp tissue, which is also known as the donor area. Following this, the surgeon would dismember the scalp area using the healthy hair strip into the hair follicle unit hair grafts.

Many patients also opt for a hair replacement surgery which involves removing particular scalp sections which are affected by alopecia. This kind of treatment is popular for treating male pattern baldness. This procedure is administered through scalp expansion or scalp reduction. In scalp reduction, the surgeon will restore the hair to decrease the visible part of the bald scalp area. It is done by a surgical method requiring the removal of skin from the bald area. This area is replaced by the dense hair skin by stretching together from both ends upwards. To seal the incision, a suture is performed by the surgeon.

A scalp expansion is a different kind of procedure which is administered with a balloon-like device which is called as tissue expander. The surgeon implants this tissue expander beneath the scalp. It then inflates gradually and the expansion happens till one to three months. This results in an excess scalp skin. This surgical procedure is suitable for patients who have a large area of bald scalp. The surgeon will assess your scalp condition and recommend a suitable treatment.

Hair loss solutions should be wisely chosen since you would be spending a big amount on the procedure. It is always a good idea to consult a reputed and experienced clinic on what kind of treatment would be suitable to cure the hair loss that you suffer from.