Sex Therapy – Things To Know About It!!

Sex Therapy – Things To Know About It!!


By Dr. M.S Ambekar, Sexology

Such type of therapy or counselings aimed at an individual’s psychological problems. It is particularly useful in treating a sexual dysfunction when it is not accompanied by a physiological reason. It is primarily helpful in treating:

1. Non-Consummation

2. Low Libido

3. Addiction to Sex

4. Uncontrolled Ejaculation

5. Assisting people who suffered from sexual assault

Things You Should Know About Sex Therapy-

Though the school of therapy is at a nascent stage, it is extremely beneficial. There are things that one must know about sex therapy in order to avail of it aptly. Few of them are:

1. Increase in Confidence:

Sex therapy is extremely beneficial in making people confident, strong and self-assured. It makes its presence felt in every aspect of an individual’s life, affecting him/her both inside and outside the bedroom. Inculcating confidence in individuals is important for them to be comfortable with their self, inside the bedroom and it also ensures that such an attitude remains while outside it.

2. Talking is a form of Sex Therapy:

The idea of a sex therapy entails certain prejudices and one of them involves the fear of nudity. People generally are apprehensive that sex therapy might involve intimacy; however sex therapy with qualified sex therapists, in most cases, involves only talking as a corrective measure.

3. Exhaustive Conversations:

During the sex therapy, the person must indulge in an unrestricted conversation with the sex therapists. There is no topic that a sex therapist does not speak on and therefore the concerned person too must overcome the fear of discussing subjects that are considered taboo.

4. Save Marriages:

Sexual problems are an important cause for marital problems. Apart from a marriage counselor, a sex therapist can prove to be beneficial in saving marriages. In most cases, seeking the help of a sex therapist, rules out the possibility of divorce.