6 Ways To Handle A Teenage

6 Ways To Handle A Teenage


By Dr.Nandini Sharma , Homeopathy

Teenage gives children an impetus to rebel. They become rebellious even at the drop of a hat. While you as a parent are worried about your child’s future, about his or her sense of responsibilities; the child could be recurrently fighting troubles within itself. Teenagers tend to withdraw themselves from family; they prefer the comfort of their personal cocoon. While invading this demarcating line of privacy is necessary at times, at other times a little space could be the solution. Your teenager needs care, attention, and love but none of it should be officiously imposed on the person.

Tips to Handle a Teenager:-

1. Do not do what you dislike your child doing- If you dislike your child slamming the door or talking at a higher pitch when anxious, do not do the same yourself. Your son or daughter picks habits, good or bad, from you.

2. Learn and share effective ways of controlling anger- Anger unless controlled can ruin your personal health and decisions. An effective way to control anger is to divert your mind into an interest whenever angry.

3. Respect their privacy- If a teenager needs space; let them be alone for a while. It is essential to teach them the importance of respecting an individual’s privacy by respecting theirs.

4. Do not judge if they decide to open up- The teenager you are dealing with could be facing some problems that result in random mood swings. It is your due responsibility to identify those issues. Your child might come up to you with his or her issues; judging and rejecting the possibility of a discussion can make the child recede forever.

5. Encourage a child to follow a healthy lifestyle- Channelizing energy is one of the secret ways to control anger, anxiety and stress. Regular exercising and a healthy diet can help in regulating your child’s energy levels. You must avoid junk food to inculcate the same habit in a teenager. Make your child eat meals cooked at home; include more fruits and vegetables in his or her diet.