Shoulder Arthritis – Know Types Of It!

Shoulder Arthritis – Know Types Of It!


By Dr. M V Hariprasad, Orthopaedics

Shoulders are one of the most mobile joints in the human body. There is a possibility of them becoming unstable. One painful condition which affects shoulder joints is Shoulder Arthritis.

Shoulder Arthritis usually has symptoms such as limited range of motion and joint pain. The different forms of Shoulder Arthritis are discussed below:

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis: In this autoimmune condition, pain is felt in both the shoulders simultaneously.

Other symptoms include:

i. Stiffness in shoulders

ii. Warmth and tenderness in joints

iii. Fatigue, fever and weight loss

iv. Bumps under the skin at the arms or shoulders called rheumatoid nodules

This condition can lead to erosion and eventual deformity of the bones.

2. Post-Traumatic Arthritis: A condition called Post-Traumatic Arthritis might be developed after an injury. Any form of shoulder injury can cause this condition. It causes fluid to be built up in the shoulder joint resulting in pain and swelling

3. Osteoarthritis: It is the most common form of shoulder arthritis that is associated with wear and tear. It affects all the joints in the human body. Its characteristic symptoms are a combination of tenderness, joint pain and stiffness.

4. Rotator Cuff Tear Arthropathy: The rotator cuff is located in the shoulder and it connects the shoulder blade with the top of the arm using a variety of muscles and tendons. Injuries occur commonly to the rotator cuff and it leads to a type of shoulder arthritis known as rotator cuff tear arthropathy. It is usually caused due to a rip in the tendons. Symptoms are muscle weakness and intense pain which causes difficulty in lifting.

5. Avascular Necrosis: When the joint tissues in shoulders are destroyed, it leads to Avascular Necrosis. This occurs when blood is unable to reach the humerus bone which causes the cells in the shoulder to die. It is a progressive disease which worsens over time and causes severe pain.