Constipation – Know Alternative Ways Of Curing It!

Constipation – Know Alternative Ways Of Curing It!


By Dr. Suresh Raj C,Alternative Medicine

Constipation is a condition in which there is a difficulty in emptying the bowels. The stool which passes is very hard and dry. It is the result of the wrong lifestyle and improper dietary patterns.

Symptoms of Constipation

One can notice many symptoms of Constipation. Below are some of those:

● The digestion of food takes longer than normal duration.

● One will notice a yellowish colored stool.

● One will notice an unrecognized weight loss.

Causes of Constipation

Constipation is a problem which is caused unnecessarily and without anyone’s knowledge. Some of the reasons are stated below.

● When one has a low intake of water.

● If anyone has a low intake of dietary fiber.

● Someone’s stress and anxiety can also cause Constipation.

Alternative Ways of Curing Constipation

Allopathy medicines are not the only thing that cures Constipation; there are certain other ways that can cure it without any side effects. Alternative ways are related to exercises, ayurvedic medicines, herbs and many more.

Some of them are stated below which helps to cure Constipation.

Yoga for Constipation

Yoga is a very good exercise that treats many digestive diseases including Constipation. Some of the Yoga exercises that help cure Constipation are:

● Bhujangasana (Cobra pose) is an extremely beneficial remedy that helps in removing gastric problems.

● Trikonasana (Triangular Stretch pose), the movement of stool gets smooth with the help of this exercise.

● Mayurasana (Peacock pose) this helps in resolving the problem of indigestion.

Unani for Constipation

● The mixture of halaila siyah (black variety) with almond, and then mix honey additionally. Consuming this mixture twice a day helps relieve the Constipation and piles as well.

● Take sana, sonth, Saunf, and sendha namak in equal quantity. Grind all the ingredients together and consume during bedtime to help cure the Constipation conditions.

Ayurveda Remedy for Constipation

● Spinach juice is a good remedy to help the condition.

● Increasing the use of coconut oil in a daily diet is really effective to cure Constipation.

● Triphala powder is a very good option as it is a natural colon (large part of the intestine) cleanser. ● Castor oil is also a beneficial option for the contraction of the disease.

Naturopathy for Constipation

● Natural and simple diet is the best option to help Constipation.

● Having slight warm water with lime juice is a highly effective remedy.

● Various exercises are also beneficial to ease the situation.

Diet for Constipation Prevention

● The food must be chewed properly, and each bite should be grinded at least 15 times.

● Salad is the best option which must be increased in one’s diet.

● Having boiled vegetables and soup relieves Constipation.

There are many other alternatives to cure the disease. The best thing about alternative methods is that they are not harmful and they don’t even have any side effects. But before going for the any procedure or any kind of treatment, consult the doctor, as he is the one who will suggest according to the condition.