Dark Circles Surgery – Is There A Risks Attached With It?

Dark Circles Surgery – Is There A Risks Attached With It?


By Dr. Manoj Kumar, Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery

Dark circles-means pigmentation around eyes. usually surgery is deferred for this problem, unless some compelling reason is there. It is better dealt initially with creams, tablets and or lasers or some other methods of treatment.

If you suffer from the persistent problems of noticeable deep dark circles, you probably know how they mar you every single beauty regime. These circles act as a hindrance to your beautiful eyes, they make you look tired and at the same time, lower down your confidence. Therefore, many wish to reap the benefits of a Dark Circles Surgery. A deeper insight into the topic will help clear out your doubts.

Take a close look at the following points:-

  1. The first and foremost thing that bothers a person wishing to undergo some sort of cosmetic surgery is pain. A Dark Circles Surgery can be performed in various ways, yet most of the procedures involve some amount of pain. The pain could be felt while the procedure is being performed or even after it has been completed. Pulsed light treatments, laser resurfacing, chemical peels etc can make your skin ache and sting.
  2. Dark Circles Surgery is not free from the risk of post-operative maladies. It can lead to both hyperpigmentation (darker skin patches as compared to the ambient skin) and hypopigmentation (insufficient pigmentation). Once the operation has been conducted, you may suffer from bruising, scarring and even blistering apart from the throbbing or stinging pain.
  3. Dark Circles Surgery is an umbrella term for a host of cosmetic procedures meant to fight off the condition. The prescription of a certain procedure is greatly dependent on the trigger to your condition. Different causes require different modes of treatment. Topical bleaching cream, chemical peels, Intense-pulsed light treatments and laser resurfacing are the more prevalent ways.
  4. The Dark Circles Surgery doesn’t exactly leave you with a permanent change. Continued and extensive exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun or too harsh medication can make you have dark circles yet again. The surgery should therefore be followed by a maintenance routine.