Alcohol Addiction – How Homeopathy Can Help You In Quitting It?

Alcohol Addiction – How Homeopathy Can Help You In Quitting It?


By Homoeocare Clinics, Homeopathy

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines that help to decrease the craving for alcohol. Moreover, there are specific medications that treat sleep disorders, irritability, liver problems, problems of appetite, sadness, and many other consequences of overconsumption of alcohol. It is imperative that case history of the patient is taken into consideration before the prescription of drugs. The cause behind alcoholism, mental and physical history, lifestyle, food habits and sleep cycle becomes an important indicator of what medicines would work best for the specific person.

Homeopathic Medicines to Quit Alcohol-

Some of the homeopathic medicines that help people to quit alcohol are as follows:

1) Avena Sativa removes the bad effects of alcohol by curing sleepiness and dependency on alcohol when ten to twenty drops of the medicine mixed with hot water is taken before bedtime.

2) Capsicum helps people who wish to quit alcohol, as well. It should be taken in dram doses of tincture with orange juice or milk during detoxification.

3) Nux Vomica, on the other hand, helps to reduce mental strain and exhaustion, preventing people from resorting to alcohol to relieve stress.

4) Consumption of Sulphuric Acid helps to lessen the craving for alcohol, and tremor and weakness of limbs. About ten to fifteen drops of it should be mixed with water and taken three times a day for several weeks to reduce need for alcohol.

China increases appetite in alcoholics, favourably affects their weight, and decreases craving to be intoxicated. It helps with problems of the spleen, liver, hepatitis, tympanitic abdomen, jaundice, and gastritis, all of which are results of excess alcohol intake.

It is highly recommended that the patient undergoes a thorough medical check-up when trying to quit alcohol. The doctor can then correctly prescribe a medicine that will not only help the patient quit alcohol, but also become healthier.