Four Ways Your Gadgets May Be Harming Your Spinal Health!

Four Ways Your Gadgets May Be Harming Your Spinal Health!


By Dr. Hrushikesh R.Saraf, Orthopaedics

In today’s world, gadgets are an important part of your lives that you simply can’t seem to do without. From computers at your workplace to cellphones in your pocket, almost everything you do is intricately linked with these machines. Spending too much time in front of a computer has adverse health effects that in some cases may cause severe complications.

1. Sitting in front of desktops-

Workplaces require you to work for long durations in front of computers in a seated position. Constant sitting may cause various posture related problems such as a drooping shoulders and weight gain. It is advised to take frequent breaks and strolls to be a little more active.

2. Using touchscreen gadgets-

Using gadgets that are touch screen may lead to injuries in the wrist, fingers and the nerves. The repetitive motion of typing results in stress injuries in the above mentioned body parts. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease that tends to occur from stress placed on the nerves of the wrist.

3. Computer vision syndrome-

Computer vision syndrome is a disorder that results in people who use computers for long durations without breaks. The symptoms of this disease are blurred vision, dry eyes and headache. It is advised to take breaks between your work sessions.

4. Tinnitus-

If you are the type of person who takes calls on your cellphones frequently, then you are at a risk of developing tinnitus. This disorder is characterized by a relentless ringing in the ears.