Skin Pigmentation – How Can Homeopathy Resolve It?

Skin Pigmentation – How Can Homeopathy Resolve It?


By Dr. Sanghvi’s Nature Clinic, Homeopathy

Discoloration of the face occurs without any symptoms. However, it is of high cosmetic concern and thereby results in psychological stress. Some of the common causes are exposure to sun and pregnancy. The hormone levels in the body increase immensely during pregnancy. This, in turn, increases the melanin production in the body. This pigment is also responsible for tinting the skin. This results in chloasma (also called melasma which is the mask of pregnancy) marked by irregular brown patches on the nose, foreheads and cheeks.

It is more common for women with darker complexions to develop chloasma.

A homeopathic medicine called Sepia is considered important for the treatment of skin discolouration that occurs after pregnancy. Other important medicines are conium maculatum and arsenic album.

Sunspots, medically known as lentigos and commonly known as liver spots, are caused due to exposure to the sun. It is cumulative in nature and does not depend on a particular day.

The use of ointments and creams to treat skin problems is not promoted in homeopathy. It is believed that this dermatological condition originates from the inside and it requires to be treated from within. Another popular belief is that external applications can only suppress the disease which leads to more serious problems in the system. A properly prescribed homeopathic medication takes care of the problems in pigmentation as well as maintenance of the general health. The medications help maintain the hormonal balance, thereby controlling the production of melanin. It also improves the texture of the body. The appearance of new patches reduces gradually and ultimately stops. The normal condition of the skin is restored without any previous marks.