Heart Burn In Pregnancy – Ways To Manage It!

Heart Burn In Pregnancy – Ways To Manage It!


By Dr. Sravana Soujanya, Gynaecology

Heartburn is not an uncommon problem during pregnancy. More than 50% of women get heartburn during pregnancy. This is especially common for women who are in the third or second trimesters of the pregnancy. It is also highly likely that you may harm your baby if you try to cure your heartburn through unsafe methods. These are some methods by which you can reduce your chances of heartburn without harming your baby: 

1. Do not eat too much at once -

This is crucial and severely reduces your chances of getting heartburn during pregnancy.

2. Avoid spicy foods -

Spicy foods tend to relax one of the muscles in your digestive tract known as the lower esophageal sphincter. The relaxation of this muscle increases your chances of getting heartburn. Fried or other fat-rich food items carbonated beverages do the same thing.

3. Drink less when you are eating -

It has been proven that drinking while eating causes acid reflux very often. Heartburn itself is usually caused by acid reflux from the stomach.

4. When you lie down, keep your head at a higher level -

Lying down immediately after meals can lead to heartburn.

5.  Medications -

If the problem is severe your doctor may give you some liquid or pills to help you.