Weight Loss – Can Sex Help You In Achieving It?

Weight Loss – Can Sex Help You In Achieving It?


By Poosha Darbha, Sexology

These Sex positions Help You Lose Weight!There is no dispute that sex burns some calories. But how many calories? And, since sex is akin to an exercise, does it burn enough calories to help you lose weight? This question assumes interest in the light of the fact that India.s 135 million+ obese population wishes to shed weight.Well, scientists say yes! The Health and Human Services (HHS) department of the US says that physical activity is important to maintain a healthy weight and lose extra weight, and recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week.

However, hardly 25% of people heed to that advise.While going to the gym or hitting an exercise schedule may not be appealing to many, sex certainly is. On average a man burns approx. 100 calories in 30-minute sex (that includes foreplay too) and a woman burns approx 69 cals.

Though this is nowhere comparable to the 276 cals and 313 cals that men and women burn respectively in a 30-minute light running, at least sex can be a part of your weight management program.There are various positions that help you in sweating up and reduce your weight. Here are some erotic positions that you may add to your weight management program:
1. Doggy Style - This is a position in which the woman is on her fours similar to a dog and then the sexual intercourse takes place, with the man standing behind her. This position makes a woman.s pelvic floor and core muscles get more active. She burns about 98 cals in this position, while the man scorches 150 calories. For the man, this position will tighten up the abs, raise the heart rate, and increase back mobility.
2. Cowgirl Position - This is a position in which the man lies on his back and the woman is on his top either facing him forward or backward. It is an excellent workout for the lower part of the woman’s body. The man burns very few cals while the woman uses up to 120 cals energy. If she adds hip movement up and down she can consume up to 170 cals.
3. The Kneel - In this position, the couple kneels down facing each other and the guy keeps his legs in between the woman.s legs while she slides on his legs. This position gives good exercise to the thigh muscles.
4. The Balancing Act - This is a position in which the guy lies on his back with his legs folded at knees and the girl sits between his legs, facing away from him. He lets her slide down onto him between his thighs by holding her with his thigh muscles, and she makes up and down movements with his penis inside her.
5. The Squat position - This is a good way to use your thighs, bum, and core muscles to build up a sweat. Try these fun and pleasurable erotic positions to get rid of some of your extra calories. Though sexual positions don.t burn too many calories, they are still great for you, for the pleasure is different from the missionary position and intense and you may want more of it. Regular sex relaxes you, improves your mental health and mood, and promotes sleep. These are some good reasons to try different coital positions and add them to your weight management regime to keep it interesting.