Laser Hair Removal – Know More About It!

Laser Hair Removal – Know More About It!


By Dr. Malini Patil , Dermatology

We all love hair but having hair at unwanted places is disturbing. Regular waxing or threading needs to be done to remove the hair which is very painful. The laser is one of the most popular treatments for permanent hair reduction. The laser works on the growing phase of hair by targeting the melanin at the hair root level. About 6-8 sessions are required at timely intervals to cause a considerable reduction in hair thickness, density and growth duration. The cool tip of 4 deg celsius and cool gel make the laser hair reduction procedure relatively painless.

Few common queries regarding laser:

1. How many sessions are required and at what interval? Around 6-8 sessions are required. Initially, the gap between the 2 sessions is around 4 weeks. After 2-3 sessions, the growth of hair is decreased hence session is done as required when the growth of hair is present.

2. Why do we need multiple sessions for permanent laser hair reduction? Hair grows in 3 phases: Anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen phase (85%) is the growing phase of hair i.e the hair shaft is stuck to the hair root. Catagen (1%) is the phase of hair in which the hair shaft has got devoid of blood supply. Telogen phase (15%) is the resting phase of hair and they are ready to fall in case of extreme stress. Almost 70% of hair in telogen phase can fall off in cases of extreme stress to the body in any form physical or mental. The laser targets only the anagen phase of hair. Hence multiple sessions are required.

3. I am scared of the laser. Is laser painful? Not really. There is minimal stinging sensation or heat felt when the laser shots are given. The tip of the laser is very cool almost 4 deg celsius hence the heat is not felt much. Cooling is given before and after the laser session to make the session comfortable.

4. Are maintenance sessions required? Maintenance sessions might be required. They depend on case to case basis. After 6-8 sessions maintenance might be required once in 6 months or a year.

5. Is white hair also removed with a laser? No. White hair is not removed as it does not contain the pigment melanin which is targeted by laser and due to which hair is destroyed and permanent laser hair reduction occurs.

Contact your doctor if you have any more queries. Removing hair was never so simple.