Love Making – How To Avoid Awkwardness In It?

Love Making – How To Avoid Awkwardness In It?


By Dr. S.K. Tandon, Sexology

If you are in a long term relationship, awkwardness during sex is all but non-existent, but if you are in a new relationship or this is the first time you are embarking on a sexual encounter, awkwardness can creep into the bedroom. Here are a few tips to tips to avoid such situations and keep awkwardness out of your bedroom. Read on more to find all about it.

1. Don’t talk about Physical features: Talking about how a guy or a girl looks like while in bed before the act can be a real mood dampener. It makes everyone self-conscious which causes awkwardness in aplenty later on.

2. No Comparison: Whatever you do, never compare your current experience with previous ones. Despite your current experience being the most brilliant one so far, no one likes hearing about the people you have slept with while in bed. Unless asked explicitly by your partner, never compare and if asked so, give as much as a general answer as possible.

3. No Beeps or Calls: Nothing breaks the pace of foreplay or the actual act more than the sound of a phone call or the beep of a text message. Starting off from where you left things off can cause a lot of awkwardness. Keep your phone in silent mode before you start your bedroom activities!

4. Excited no more: Despite your best efforts, certain instances can be a real mood killer in the middle of sex. The doorbell ringing, unintentional tickling, giggling, falling off from bed all of these can cause awkwardness. In such situations, start afresh from the foreplay itself, or if it does not reignite the fire then get ready for a comfortable cuddling session. Brilliant sex along with a couple of bedroom disasters is what makes good memories!